"Whether trade is free or not is determined by import and export regulations, but whether trade is fair is determined to some extent by conscience."


If you're interested in the recent growth of short term staffing jobs to satisfy the gaping hole in our employment rates and the lack of regulation for this source of work, please read, THE CHALLENGE OF TEMPORARY WORK IN TWENTY-­‐FIRST CENTURY LABOR MARKETS FLEXIBILITY WITH FAIRNESS FOR THE LOW-­‐WAGE TEMPORARY WORKFORCE

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"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell." ~ Edward Abbey


The Long View Host Profiles


Bryan Sheehan joins the The Long View as a Host and content contributor. Listen for Bryan the last Wednesday of the month.

bryan sheehanBryan Sheehan, guest host of The Long View, brings to the program a combination of sustainability knowledge, practical business experience, and direct involvement in working to increase the sustainability of both business and society.  Bryan is Founder and President of SymbioSus Sustainability Consulting (, which helps small to mid-sized businesses profitably increase their environmental sustainability.    

Bryan has a master’s degree in sustainable business management and is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and several other sustainability professional associations.  Bryan has been published on sustainability in the New Hampshire Business Review, and has been selected to provide sustainability educational presentations for organizations such as New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility and Green Mountain College. 

In his monthly segments on The Long View, Bryan will interview top thinkers, leaders, and champions in business and societal sustainability, with a specific focus on how sustainability affects, and is affected by, various spheres of business and society.

Isa Cann is the creator, and original producer/host of The Long View.

isa cannWhat began as a required graduate school project, became a venue for discussion of all facets of Sustainable Development, a focus of her education in the Regional Economic & Social Development program at UMass Lowell.

Grateful for the opportunity, Isa interviews preeminent voices in the broad field of sustainability, including professors, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists and many other knowledgeable and highly regarded individuals. With news and information from guests who at the top of their fields of expertise, we'll learn together how environmental concerns and economic development can be complementary.

On the professional front, Isa's mainstay is business development services focused on sustainable practice consultations (internal and external), and the subsequent Internet and classic marketing and communications that publicize the positive works.

Noting a gap in the English language for a word that means "sustainable economic development", Isa coined the word "sustonomy" in 2005. The multiple facets required of any economic or business effort, from material sourcing, production and waste practices to social responsibility and the implementation of clean renewable energy that strive in concert towards Sustainability are "Sustonometrics", which she also coined in 2007.

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